On Consignment is a quick and easy resource for selling your gently used furniture. Once an item is under contract for sale, we market it for 90 days and pay you when it sells—it’s that simple!

With On Consignment, you will get a fair price without the hassle of fielding the inquiries, negotiating selling price, or any safety risks of selling your furniture online. Our regular stream of new and loyal customers means that quality consignments usually sell quickly.
Interested? Here are the details:

What items do you consign?

We consign in-demand, gently used, good quality furniture, home décor, jewelry, purses, and other items. Items that are dirty, outdated (e.g. computer or TV armoires), have excessive damage or have a history of low demand will not be consigned because
our customers simply won't buy these items.

What will I get paid?

Consignors receive 60% for items sold at $50 or more; 50% for items sold under $50.

When will I get paid?

Consignors’ checks are printed the month following the sale of item(s) when consignors are owed $21 or more. The checks are mailed between the 15th and 20th of the following month. There is a $1 fee for checks to cover this service. Consignors need to come into the store to collect monthly balances under $21 dollars.

Who sets the price?

With several years of experience, On Consignment is in the best position to set the price. Of course we respect your ownership of each item and we will seek your approval of the consignment contract price before it goes onto the floor for sale.

Will there be price reductions?

If your item is on the floor for 30 days it will be discounted 10%. If your item is here for 60 days or more it will be discounted 20% off the original consignment price.

How long will my item be on consignment?

The consignment contract is for 90 days. Note your expiration date and contact us by that date. If any of your items haven't sold. by the 97th day, you are expected to pick up any unsold items or request that they be donated. All items left beyond the 97th day are considered to be abandoned and On Consignment will assume ownership of them.

What happens with seasonal items?

Contact On Consignment to inquire about acceptable times to sell seasonal items. In addition to standard consignment policy, seasonal items are reduced 2 weeks before each holiday to 50% off their original consignment price.

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